Istanbul, Turkey

The first office opens in Istanbul, Turkey to represent commodity traders and producers in the domestic market.


Geneva, Switzerland

INDAGRO SA, Geneva is founded as the company's Headquarters for the international trading of fertilizers.

1987 to 1992

Athens, Greece

1987 - INDAGRO SA, Athens is established as a representative office for INDAGRO SA, Geneva.
1992 - The first bulk unit in Greece is established in Volos. It distributed a variety of 200 formulas to a client base of 2,000 clients.


Odessa, Ucraine

INDAGRO lauches its fertilizer and grain import-export teminal in Odessa, Ukraine. It is the only private terminal that can accomodate Panamax size vessels in Ukraine.

1981 to 2021

Worldwide Network

INDAGRO SA establishes a worldwide network of Representative Offices.